As I travel across the United States and beyond, I can not forget about my time as a child. Life seemed so much simpler back then. Everything was perfect either in real life or make-believe.

I still believe in the perfect world that I created. However, it is no longer make believe. It is based on what I will allow and not allow in my own life. I believe in the happiness of family bonds, the courage of sisterhood and brotherhood, the strength of forgiveness and the innocence of children.

Often times we get caught in the world wind of media and gossip and forget what we are capable of if we all came together. I have learned to embrace and often share my mantra “people need people.”

Peanut butter needs jelly, bun needs cheese, spaghetti needs sauce, you get the picture. My apologies, I’m a foodie and sometimes my thoughts have a mind of its own.

The building of our society is contingent on the existence of people. As a former military dependent and still an only child, I would often go into a new city and new school and hope for the best. I would hope that my laugh was loud enough to be recognized and my smile was warm enough to carry a message. However, the result was not entirely based on my efforts, but on the engagement from others.

In that same area, as an adult, nothing has changed much. I still appreciate the magnetic force around us that brings us closer together.

I enjoy creating platforms for like-minded individuals to connect with one another despite the negativity that surrounds us. Why? Because people need people.

We need each other for the betterment of our communities, the success of our children and growth of our happiness.

Let us take time to meet someone new, share encouraging words, patronize each other’s business and spread the gift of love. Let’s further create the perfect world, in which people need people.