When we think of essentials, we often think of taking a trip and not forgetting our toiletries, the basic food items needed for survival or what to have in case of emergencies.

But what would our life be like if we looked further than tangible belongings? What if we considered our mental health or inner being as a priority.

Last month, I had the opportunity to celebrate my cousin’s 40th birthday in Washington DC and not only was I filled with emotions, I was led to reflect on the importance of living while able and how beautiful it is to connect with those you that love. We had time to think about what truly matters and the types of relationships that we would accept, to include short or long term friendships.

The past few weeks have actually been a roller coaster of emotions that without the essentials, one would find difficulty in surviving.

So what are these essentials, you might ask? It is the essentials of successful living: peace, comfort, happiness and love.

Within these elements, there is no room for regret, negativity or imposed sadness.

Despite the tabloids and potentially social media, we can not allow the beauty of everyday to be compromised by not embracing the essentials.

I encourage you to self-select away from anything that does not make you happy, people included. I encourage you to define your essentials and live by them. I encourage you to find peace, comfort, happiness and love on your path towards fulfillment.