Finding peace in the mist of turmoil is like searching for a rainbow in the mist of a storm. I invite you to do it anyway.

As we are preparing for Dorian in many parts of the world, I can only think of the many years as a Florida resident, I have had to prepare for the unknown. The cases of water purchased, the long gas lines, the rooftop repairs, the electricity outages the multiple days of the canned food diet and so much more. But through the mist of the storm and the uproar of the streets, I have some how found a sense of peace.

The month of September brings me joy for I know that we have pushed through 9 months of the year, but I know for some the next 3 months may seem quite challenging. It is the time that we must clean up physical destruction, the debris and brokenness of a storm. Although I have lived those days as well, I no longer will accept that there are not better days set to come.

Don’t get me wrong, I still get weather updates and have prepared to the best of my ability for the hurricane. However, there is so much to the unknown that I can’t take it all in, so I decided to make the best of it by connecting with family and friends, while aligning my mind with my goals. This brings me peace.

As we have reached the point of no return, be prepared, take heed but do not allow anyone or anything to destroy your peace. After all, challenges are only temporary and will only last as long as you allow them to last. I pray that I meet those who are to be met, on the other side of that rainbow that we all seek.