Three years ago, as I visited my family home in Jamaica (as I do annually), I fell on the hill. This happened not once, but twice. Yep, I fell with no saving me in site. In fact, it hurt so badly that I hopped around the airport in tears and later decided that I had to retire many of my beautiful heels because my walking privileges would never be the same.

I became accustomed to, what would become a ritual of pain and discomfort throughout the year. However, I would not allow it to lessen my smile or change my daily mode of walking in happiness. After visiting a doctor that year, I was told that I would have to “work around it.” I did just that.

This year, it became almost unbearable as I prepared for my trip back to Jamaica. So I decided to visit the chiropractor and what he told me was quite thought provoking. “There is inflammation in your foot,” he said. You must release it by caring for it.

So, here’s the thing. How many of us live with inflammation in our spirit, inflammation in our souls, inflammation in our lives based on previous hurt and pain. How many of us know the cause of the pain, but refuse to release it? Maybe you have endured a relationship that has hurt you. Maybe you yearn for a parental bond that is non-existent. Maybe you struggle with family members that you counted on supporting you.

I encourage you to massage the knots out and allow your heart to heal. Take the first step towards self-discovery and acceptance. The reward  is worth much more than the pain . Release the inflammation in your life—you will be happy that you did!